Thursday, 12 September 2013

ITIL V3 - Exam prep 2

Define  service

ITIL glossary defines service as

 “A means of delivering value to Customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve; without the ownership of specific costs or risks"

What is ITSM – IT service management?

A set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services.

ITIL V3 - Exam prep 1

ITIL V3 Reference – Preparation for Exam

Explain why ITIL is successful?

Common framework of practices that unite all areas of IT service provision towards a single aim – that of delivering value to the business.
  • -          Vendor Neutral
  • -          Non-Perspective
  • -          Best practice

ITIL is adopted by organizations enabling them to
  • -          Deliver value for customers through services
  • -          Integrate the strategy for services with the business strategy and customer needs
  • -          Measure, monitor and optimize IT services and service provider performance
  • -          Manage the IT investment and budget
  • -          Manage risk
  • -          Manage knowledge
  • -          Manage capabilities and resources to deliver services effectively and efficiently
  • -          Enable adoption of a standard approach to service management across the enterprise
  • -          Change the organizational culture to support the achievement of sustained success
  • -          Improve the interaction and relationship with customers
  • -          Coordinate the delivery of goods and services across the value network
  • -          Optimize and reduce costs